Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Program fees

Fees and Payment Options

We will allow new players to join at any time! 

If you are not for sure your child will fully commit Option 2 is your best choice.  This option will give us the ability to freeze or cancel your remaining payment.  

All players will pay their initial Down Payment that will not be refunded and if you start a league you will need to finish it.  However, you are not obligated to play future league and if you decide not to continue we can stop monthly coaching fees.

The fee structure is incredibly generous for what you are receiving with regards to uniform, coaching, facilities, and league fees.  

KCSG has invested in our program to ensure the Juniors have an affordable, high quality program.

Option 1:  Full Payment Up Front

U5U6 annual total - $610
U7U8U9U10 annual total - $760

Includes - Uniform Kit: Two Shirts, 1 pair of Shorts, 1 pair of socks
 - All Practice Rental Fees for the year
- All Coaching Fees for the year
- All League Fees for the year (Fall, Winter and Spring)

DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Tournaments Fees if you choose to participate


Option 2:  Down Payment + Monthly Fee + Pay as you go League

Down Payment includes your Uniform Kit and Practice Fees. 


               Ages                                                       U5/U6           U7/U8/U9/U10

Down Payment                                          $200                 $250

Monthly Coaching Fee                               $25                   $35

League Fee (Fall, Winter, Spring)           $75/Season       $75/Season


Tournament & League Play is optional and would be collected upon commitment