Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Juniors Curriculum

Juniors Curriculum

KCSG Juniors Curriculum 

KCSG curriculum is proven to build successful player development.  Scott Gallagher has a national reputation as one of the top clubs in the United States and has produced numerous current and former professional players and National Team Players.  

Our style of play is based on strong individual technical skills that promotes confident players, skilled players and knowledgeable players of the game.  

We play an attacking style of play with a strong possession percentage.  Our players are developed to take on opponents, dominance 1v1 situations and use their creativity.  We play intense pressing defense and our style is fun to play and watch.

KCSG Juniors Program is responsible for building that base with INDIVIDUAL PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.  Our focus is on Fundamental Technical Skills to include:

Ball Master “TBIM’s”
1v1 Dribbling / Attacking Skills:  “Core 4”, “Stay Alive 5”, “Shifty 6”, “Super 7’s”
Receiving and Receiving Turns
1v1 Defending

We use challenges, contests, series, etc…. To provide motivation, passion and work ethic.  Every practice session will include technical skill building activities supplemented by activities that put in “play” the skills learned.

Practice and Play Model

KCSG Junior program focuses on age group training - not teams.  We are building age groups for the future and are concerned with providing the entire group excellent training and opportunities.

We are forming age groups and with those groups finding ways to challenge each and every player as they navigate their own personal development pathway.  Kids progress at different rates and we provide an environment to support that.  At the same time we want to have fluid player movements in the age group to build an atmosphere where all of the kids in the age group are comfortable with one another.  

As they progress out of the Junior program and into the Junior Academy and Pre Academy levels the players will be tiered and placed on teams.  At the KCSG Juniors level we are more concerned about developing each player’s individual abilities than we are developing dominating teams.  

The “tryout” process begins at u9 and it can be a stressful time for young (and old) players.  We want them to be comfortable and know all of the players in their age group so that when we do make “teams” they have multiple familiar friends and teammates in their group.  We are building age groups for the future and looking at the “Big Picture”.

We will establish teams for the various league play, but the players will still train in an age group environment.  Teams will change each league season.  All leagues we participate in will have a set scheduled with games primarily on Saturdays but there may be an occasional Sunday match. Games will have referees and will follow small sided league recommendations of US Soccer.