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Communication Tools

Communication Tools

CommunicationTools Supporting Curriculum

KCSG Juniors will be utilizing several communication tools to help coaches, parents and players communicate, educate and support.  

Team Snap is a communication platform that all teams and families utilize within KCSG.  This platform allows everyone to text, email, notify, store pictures, documents, etc…  

KCSG will also utilize social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc…  

Coaches will also send out weekly updates to parents providing information and communication.  

KCSG Junior App - we are currently in the process of developing our new app for the Juniors program and we feel this going to be huge for coaches, parents and players.  

We will have all training sessions in the app for everyone to access as well as videos that demonstrate activities and skills.  

As a parent you will have a tool to preview what to expect at practice.  To review practice plans and have a tool to learn what we are teaching or to provide your child with a tool to review skills to help them understand.  We will also use the app to post challenges, contests and series.