Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Goalkeeper Training


Overall GK program info:  Free to all KCSG Members


Goalkeeping staff Jon Grice and Dave Wiebenga have developed a challenging curriculum exclusively for the goalkeepers at Kansas City Scott Gallagher.  This curriculum emphasizes the goalkeepers' need to be skilled with their footwork, vocal leaders, and fearless protectors of the goal.  From the time the kids enter the program at age 7 or 8 to the time they graduate the programming at 18 or 19, kids will hear the same vernacular throughout programming to help streamline the language club-wide.  Our most important goal is to make each one of these children into the best goalkeepers they can be, regardless of size or shape.


GK 101 (7v7 and 9v9)

This introductory program provides the child with the basics of goalkeeping.  Positioning, body shape, handling, distribution, as well as introducing high balls, point blank, and diving are all covered with these ages.


Elite/Premier Goalkeeping (11v11)

These training sessions build on the skills introduced in GK 101 and are built around the age groups of 2007--2005 birth year groups who are still learning the fundamentals but allows trainers and coaches to introduce advanced concepts to the goalkeepers like shutting down 1v1 situations, how to handle high balls in traffic, punching and parrying away, as well as continuing to emphasize the goalkeepers responsibilities regarding handling, distribution, decision making, etc.  In this introductory level, goalkeepers are challenged with new concepts and ideas facing the modern goalkeeper but in a safe and comfortable environment to promote the best overall practices.


Academy/Pre-Academy Goalkeeping (11v11)

These sessions focus on our top tier goalkeepers and build on all of the aforementioned curriculum but then incorporate more challenging situational play.  Goalkeepers are required to work competently with their entire bodies, footwork, body shape, foot skills, handling, catching, point blank, dealing with 1v1s and all aspects of diving.  Distribution and decision making with the ball in their possession is another concept we spend a lot of time on.  Goalkeepers at the academy level in our club should be ready for any situation that arises in the game and be able to deal with each situation in a relaxed and composed manner.  In the Academy Training Sessions, trainers and coaches consistently use the same language and verbiage we use with all of our kids, starting with 101s and this environment, goalkeepers are able to push themselves regularly to improve each aspect of their game.