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Features and Benefits of Choose It Right

Features and benefits of the Smart College Report and the Choose It Right system


Student Information (not interested in playing college sports):


For Students


The Smart College Report saves you time and money by sorting through over 1 million data points from thousands of colleges, and based on your preferences, finds colleges that match you best - instantly!


Your report will provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your selected colleges. This way you will be able to compare tuition rate, enrollment size, scholarship averages, contact information and more.


There are also sections within the report that provide help with topics such as: what tuition amount is realistic based on your major, determining how much you should reasonably borrow, expected first year salary after graduating college based on your chosen major and how to use a “family based” approach to make the best decisions when choosing a college.



Student Athlete Information:


For Student-Athletes


If you’re a student-athlete, Choose It Right provides additional tools to help you achieve the goal of playing your sport at the college level. Choose It Right offers a proven college search and selection system that provides all the tools that you need, including:


A Smart College Report (includes up to 50 colleges); college coaches’ contact information; email letter template series for contacting them; an academic and athletic online profile for making a great first impression when reaching out to coaches, progress tracker and step-by-step how-to videos to help guide you through the college search, selection and recruiting process.


An all-in-one system to help you find the right colleges, successfully connect with coaches at each college and make a great impression when reaching out to them!

Choose It Right is a top-rated, web-based college search and selection system that helps students, student-athletes and their families find the right college that best fits their unique academic, athletic and financial criteria.