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Winter freindlies

Winter freindlies

Kevin and Jeff on club collaboration and why youth sports matter!

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In the midst of Covid-19 our club has looked for positive opportunities.  This came in many forms and one of those was the start of talks amongst various directors and leaders in the KC soccer community.  These weekly zoom meetings evolved to in-person conversations with the leadership in KCSG/Toca FC. What we quickly learned is that collaboration made us all better.  We began to envision how we could work together to make positive changes for the kids that play in our two clubs. Both clubs were adamant that a classic “club merger” was not what we were looking for.  We simply wanted to use our collective minds to engage in conversations that could lead to new ideas without affecting the teams.  We have never seen this done in KC and so, just like Covid-19, we found ourselves in uncharted waters. We have committed to work together at the leadership level for the next 10 months.  Our hope is that the platform we create will produce results in these key areas.


Events – Ex. Partnering to operate existing or newly imagined leagues.  Imagining future opportunities for tournaments.
Buying Power - the ability to leverage the collective size of each club for various business services.
Governance/Influence - the opportunity to work with local and state organizations to make improvements in policies, by-laws, services, and education that will positively impact youth soccer.
Best practices - we will be sharing best practices in our clubs with each other in an effort to improve the quality of the experience at both clubs for kids and families.

We are excited to announce this new leadership collaboration with all of you.  Please watch the video below.  Our hope for the next seasonal year is that this new partnership will lead to positive changes in the KC soccer community.

A New Collaboration


Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Is this going to lead to a full merger?

A. This has not been discussed.  The discussion thus far on a full  merger has hinged around how strong each current club is doing in their respective markets. A full merger would eliminate one of these established brands and that does not make sense.


2.  What are some examples of how the clubs may work together?

A. One example is the winter indoor league that was started two years ago.  This was a collaboration between KCSG, Toca FC, and Fusion to help with a league that better facilitated player development in the winter.


3.  Will this affect my player or my team?

A. Not directly.  But it could indirectly.  An example of this would be the winter friendly league that was started last winter between KCSG and Toca FC.  This collaboration led to new opportunities in the winter months for  teams in both clubs.


4.  Will there be a name change, jersey change, roster change, coaching change, etc?

A. No.  The two clubs have simply agreed to work together at the leadership level for the next 10 months.


5.  Will the two clubs share or exchange players?

A. This could absolutely happen.  There are examples already where  the two clubs have worked together to allow players to guest play when a team  was in need. Coaches worked together during tryouts to help find places for  kids who may not have found a good fit at the respective club they attended tryouts with.


6. While the talk was about relationship, not merger, what is the  next step in this relationship, or is this it?

A. We haven’t discussed what could be next.  We are committed to working together for the next 10 months in the areas that were described.  As these relationships grow, the ideas for what could be next, if anything, will be introduced and discussed.


7. Will you provide updates on how things are going?

A. Absolutely. Our plan is to provide quarterly, or as needed, updates to keep our coaches, families, and players up to speed.

For any additional questions please contact your respective club director. Jeff Davis - jdavis@kcsgsoccer.org - 816-213-9253 Kevin Wardlaw - kevin@tocafc.org - 913-530-0727