Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Marc Carpenter - Coach Spotlight October 2019

Marc Carpenter - Behind the Shield

Hometown:  Kansas City, KS


High School:  Turner High School


College:  Avila


What Teams do you Coach?  KCSG Pre-Academy 05 - MO Boys


Playing Experience:  4 years varsity in High School.  1 year College.  3 Years Semi-Pro.  2 Years EISL.  Played 1 Year NPSL.


Who is your favorite athlete?  "My kids."


What do you do in your free time?  "What free time?  I have 5 kids."


What is your favorite quote?  "Take each order as the first time you heard it.  FINISH STRONG."


What is your favorite KCSG Shield Value and Why?  "PASSION.  I'm passionate about the game and want to pass that love & passion for the gam onto players."


Why do you coach for KCSG?  "I believe in the core values and believe in the process of development of players.  It's a great club with many great people and coaches.  I love the family environment."