Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

KCSG Girls Join ECNL Regional League

KCSG is extremely excited and honored to be a part of the newly formed ECNL Regional League Heartland Conference. As a club, we strive for excellence and to provide opportunities for players to compete and train at a high level. This platform has given us the ability to provide a very competitive and structured environment for our players and coaches.

After a small but tremendously successful pilot program during the 2018-2019 season, the ECNL Girls Regional League platform expanded to include six leagues in the 2019-20 season which was suspended due to COVID-19. The 2020-2021 season features 12 leagues. Each ECNL Girls Regional League is structured slightly differently, reflecting the unique needs and desires of the participating clubs, geography, and more.

ECNL Girls Regional Leagues are operated and managed by the ECNL Girls to ensure a consistent environment and level of professionalism across all leagues. Each league allows improved coordination and collaboration between teams of different levels within ECNL clubs, or opportunity for teams and players in other clubs to develop through regular high-level competition.

“The growth of the ECNL Regional Leagues reinforces the tremendous youth female talent pool across the US,” said ECNL Girls Commissioner, Jen Winnagle. “By providing these young women with the opportunity to compete with other exceptional athletes, it is our mission to provide a pathway for players to reach their fullest potential. We welcome these amazing young women as we raise the game together.”

KCSG’s fall season is currently in full swing, and our players and staff have been working very hard to build a foundation for our ECNL RL program. We are very proud of every single player’s effort and dedication to their team and the program. It is very important that we build a culture and #Tradition where players feel they dictate the competitive environment, have a voice within their team, and learn from their accomplishments and mistakes to further their development as a player and person.

Coach Nac Neuendorf, coach of our 2008 and 2007 teams, has this to say: "Working within the KCSG ECNL Regional League platform has created a staff environment that allows for a group effort in teaching, developing and coaching KCSG players. As pieces of the puzzle are being put into place it is our UNITY of being a part of something special in the making here at KCSG that makes it a blast."

Coach Melissa Blount, co-coach of our 2004 team, says: "I am impressed with the competition of the ECNL Regional League. I also like the collaborative effort of coaches at KCSG to support each team as a collective group instead of just being treated as individual teams."

We want to thank all of our families for their dedication, support, and time given to our ECNL RL program. We all make sacrifices to ensure a quality environment for our players.

To stay up to date with our program please follow us:

Website - http://kcsgsoccer.org/ecnl/program-information

ECNL Website - https://www.theecnl.com/