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Updated Note On Team Pictures - for the time being if you are taking a team picture:

All Players Must Wear A Mask & Social Distance in order for us to be able to post it online.

Weekend/Event content will be reviewed each Monday during business hours and posted.


Did you take a great action shot during the game? Do you have a group photo of the team after they won a big tournament? Did your team participate in a social event or volunteer for community service event?  This is the type of content that KC Scott Gallagher Social Media Team is looking for, and here's how you can easily pass it along to the right people:


TEXT KCSG Social Media Team: 816-301-4745 

  • Please text your photos to the above number with a short description of the photo - what is the team name, tournament/city, score, etc. Assume they are totally clueless and send as much info as you can with your photo!
  • Note: this specific text line cannot accept videos, so if you have a fun video to share, be sure to email that.  


Please use the text line for timely content (i.e. a big tournament win). For longer lead content, email is preferred.


EMAIL KCSG Social Media Team: If you prefer to email content, that is fine too. Please email content/photo descriptions to social@kcsgsoccer.org 


Please note that Social Media Team will do their best to get all of your content posted, however they cannot guarantee an immediate post. Weekend content will be reviewed each Monday during business hours and weekday content will be reviewed same day, please tentatively plan to get email content posted 1-2 days after it is received based on what the content is.  We will also have team members out at practices, games, tournaments, and special events to capture real time postings.


In addition to sending to KCSG Social Media Team, here are some additional ways they could use your support (please encourage players and parents to do this, too):


FOLLOW Kansas City Scott Gallagher on all social media platforms: Please make sure you are FOLLOWING KCSG on all social platforms if you don't already!


KCSG Website: www.kcsgsoccer.org


ENGAGE with KCSG on social media:

  • Like, comment or share our Facebook posts
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  • Like or retweet on Twitter
  • Like, comment or watch our YouTube Videos or Playlists


POST on your personal pages:

  • Did you take a great photo during a game? We encourage you to post on your PERSONAL social media pages! When doing so, we ask that you please tag us, mention us in the post, use the hashtag, or add your location. By doing this, we will see that content and are able to SHARE that content on KCSG pages (note: you must have a non-private Instagram and Twitter account in order for us to see/share your content).


Tagging Kansas City Scott Gallagher:  

  • Facebook @KansasCitySG
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  • YouTube: KCSG


Hashtags for Kansas City Scott Gallagher: #KCSG #KansasCityScottGallagher #KansasCitySG


We appreciate your support and thank you for helping us get the best content possible!