Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Dan Naidu - Coach Spotlight May 2020

Dan Naidu - Behind the Shield


HOMETOWN:  Kennesaw, Georgia 


HIGH SCHOOL: North Cobb High School


COLLEGE: University of Georgia 


WHAT TEAMS DO YOU COACH?  KCSG Academy 05 Girls, KCSG Jr Academy 09 Boys - KS, KCSG Jr Academy 12 Boys - KS




WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE? Paul Scholes. He was quiet, stayed out of the public eye, crafted his trade, played every game like it was his last, and didn’t back down to any challenge…legend.




WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME?  What is free time?  When I have it, spending it with my wife and 3 kids is paramount.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE?  "Imagine a scenario where in which every child returns from a practice or game with a smile - supported, inspired, but challenged to do better next time."


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE KCSG SHIELD VALUE And WHY?  PASSION -  It is passion and purpose that helps us overcome life obstacles, focus on our goals, and outwork the competition.  When you love what you do, what looks like work to others is simply an enjoyable activity to you.



WHY DO YOU COACH FOR KCSG? The privilege to give back to the game in an environment where players are the focal point.