Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

KCSG Tiering Philosophy and Approach



This document serves as KCSG Club’s tiering philosophy and implementation guidelines. All top-class soccer clubs employ some form of a formal player and team tiering plan. These guidelines have been approved by the KCSG Board of Directors.




A formal tiering approach, if adhered to by the membership and implemented well by the Club, can serve to promote proper player development and can support teams striving for soccer excellence at all playing levels. KCSG believes in the natural progression of player development from recreational to competitive to premier. The Club accomplishes player development through individual skills-based training at the earliest of ages, transitioning to the age-appropriate team and tactical training at older ages. By tiering players and teams at the proper ages, players and coaches can be grouped together based on player skill and competitive drive. Tiering players at the proper age will assist coaches in maintaining a player pool with consistent abilities which allows for more focus on common development opportunities for the players and team. Tiering players will also allow certain teams to compete at the proper levels of competition from local developmental events to State and Regional Championships. KCSG’s Directors of Coaching expects coaches at all ages/genders to work together by supporting open communication and cooperation within the Club. At the age of tiering, the expectation of coaches/players/parents remains the same; an environment of mutual respect, communication and cooperation working towards a common goal of player development and achievement of soccer excellence.




KCSG will implement a formal tiering process for players, coaches and teams during the annual Summer tryouts for teams U12 and above. The following guidelines are intended for U12 and above Club teams:

  • Each age group at U12 and above will have a minimum of 1 “top tier” coach designated by the Directors of Coaching. This designation will be made annually by around May 1st. All “top tier” coaches will receive an annual evaluation from the Director of Coaching Committee and they are not guaranteed of that designation in subsequent years.

  • Once designated, the “top tier” coach will coordinate with all other coaches for teams in that age group. All coaches in an age group are required to actively participate in consolidated age group tryouts. Exceptions may be made to this policy through advanced communication between the DOC Committee, Age Group Coordinator, and any coaches wishing to request an exception to the policy. Exceptions may be made for geographic reasons ie. North/South or significant differences in player level of the age group pool.

  • The “top tier” coach will make his/her roster offers before other coaches form their teams considering input from the DOC Committee, Age Group Coordinator and other coaches in the age group. First team roster offers will be extended no later than the same day of the 2nd tryout, unless the DOC Committee and Age Group Coordinator approves of a change in process. Once the first team roster has been offered and mostly accepted all other coaches are free to make offers to players for their teams. It is expected that players not receiving/accepting an offer to play on the first team would first consider returning to their team from the prior year to maintain continuity from year to year.

  • All players intending to play for a KCSG team are required to attend tryouts. Parents/players may choose to attend tryouts at an age group older than the player age. It is the parents/players responsibility to accept an offer from the KCSG team that best matches the soccer experience they are looking for.

  • All players rostered to a “top tier” team are expected to be primary carded to that team. These players may only secondary card within the Club. “Top tier” players are not allowed to guest play with another team or play non-sanctioned events (indoor leagues, futsal, 3v3) without the prior permission of their primary coach.

  • A “top tier” coach is required to have a minimum “National D” coaching license or NSCAA National Diploma.

  • A “top tier” coach is only allowed to coach 2 teams in the same age/gender group. The coach is allowed to train 2 teams in a pool environment if it is in the best interests of player development.

  • “Top tier” teams are expected to train 3 times a week during outdoor season and play in State Cup and/or National League. These teams are also expected to play in an appropriate number of high-level regional tournaments and college showcases at the proper age.



These guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive. Any questions, disputes or clarifications should be forwarded to the DOC Committee or Age Group Coordinators. Any violations of these guidelines may be addressed first by the DOC Committee. If disputes/violations are of a more serious nature, they may be brought before the Club Disciplinary Committee or the full Board of Directors.